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Would you like to Be Among the Few Who Can Provide a New Neuroregenerative Treatment for Stroke Patients?

We are looking for new partners from all around the world, who can help us provide stroke patients’ access to this new Cord Blood Ischemic Stroke Treatment in your community.

As our partner, you will benefit from CBCG’s 20-year legacy of success, reputation for certified quality and international recognition as a pioneer in regenerative medicine.

Cord Blood Center Group (CBCG) has been supporting medical research for umbilical cord blood stem cells for two decades. Our innovative cord blood processing techniques and neuroregenerative expertise will continue to benefit children and adults, and help them achieve healthier and happier lives.

For stroke patients and their families, our partnership means better access and more options for recovery and rehabilitation.

The treatment is in accordance with all applicable clinic policies, generally accepted standards of good clinical practice and all applicable country legislation and regulations governing the performance of innovative treatments.

Cord Blood Center may provide medical support in all procedures involved in the treatment and appropriate training for administering cord blood transfusions in accordance with our quality standards.

The treatments are administered with allogeneic cord blood units, which are the property of CBCG.

Nils H. Thoennissen, MD | Medical Director

With more than 20 years of experience in evidence-based medicine and over 14 years clinical experience in hemotherapy including blood transfusions, as well as stem cell transplantation, Dr Thoennissen is an international specialist in cancer, chronic degenerative diseases, and regenerative medicine with a doctoral thesis in neurological research, graded with “summa cum laude”.

Dr. Nils Thoennissen

Nils H. Thoennissen, MD | Medical Director

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