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Stroke Treatment Process

Step 1:

Contact us

If you or a loved one is interested in learning more about CBC Health’s ischemic stroke recovery options or need more information, our medical team is here to help.

Request a consultation
Step 2:

Consultation with our doctor

You can consult a doctor by phone or video call. During consultations a doctor will investigate your medical history and inform you about treatment options best for you.

Step 3:

Scheduling your treatment

Once you decide to undergo the treatment you will be given customized treatment options. You will be assigned a medical concierge and one of our doctors who will guide you and your loved ones through the rest of the process.
Your assigned medical concierge will work with you or your family to determine when to begin the treatment process and answer all your questions along the way.

Step 4:

Travel arrangement & preparation

Your medical concierge will work with you and your loved ones to help arrange travel and accommodations. CBC Health has a network of hospitality, transportation and tourism partners that are qualified to serve medical patients.

Step 5:

Cord Blood Ischemic
Stroke Treatment

Once you have been admitted to CBCHealth clinic, you will be under the care of our fully qualified doctors and experienced medical staff. If you and anyone accompanying you will informed us in advance of any special needs, our team will seek to meet those needs completely. Here is an overview of the course of treatment:

  • Day One: Initial Screening & Testing
  • Day Two: Treatment & Routine Monitoring
  • Day Three: Treatment & Routine Monitoring
  • Day Four: Final Physical Exam & Release

Once the treatment is completed, the doctor will monitor patient remotely by follow-up consultations for the duration of 12 months after the treatment.

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Financial aspects of the treatment

Total cost of the treatment is 40 000€. This includes all consultations with our doctors before and after the treatment, all necessary medical evaluations before and after the treatment, umbilical cord blood from voluntary donors procurement provided by CBC Health public cord blood registry, cord blood intravenous infusion procedure split to 2 or 3 days. Patient monitoring after the treatment including all laboratory and medical evaluations and follow-up consultations with our doctors for the duration of 12 months after the treatment are included.
Payment should be arranged on the first day of the cord blood infusion at the latest. No cancellation fee is applied before the treatment starts. We understand that the cost of the procedure may be a significant concern to some. In cooperation with our partners we offer financing and flexible payment schedules to all our patients.
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