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What Makes Cord Blood Better Than Other Stem Cell Sources?

What Makes Cord Blood Better Than Other Stem Cell Sources?

Cord blood is a stem cell source originating from the umbilical cord and placenta after birth. It is ethically and safely harvested without harming mother or child and cryopreserved. Parents may choose to donate the cord blood on behalf of their newborn baby, or they may pay to have it privately stored.


What makes cord blood better than other stem cell sources?

Cord blood is a safe, easy to match stem cell option that medically outweighs other stem cell sources.

  • It is readily available: There is no need to harvest stem cells from an adult through bone marrow or adipose fat tissue. Harvesting adult stem cells is an invasive procedure that risks leaving medically fragile stroke patients in worse conditions. Our cord blood bank allows us easy access to readily available cord blood units. That means when our patients are ready for treatment, there are no invasive procedures required.
  • It contains many different kinds of stem cells: Unlike stem cells sourced from a mature adult, cord blood is rich in diverse types of stem cells. Cord blood also contains regenerative proteins, which help brain cells send signals to heal itself.
  • There is low potential for graft-versus-host disease: Traditional stem cell sources have a higher chance of graft-versus-host disease. Cord blood is more immunologically tolerant and actually provides natural immune support. Adult sourced stem cells are not as easily differentiated. That means they lack the ability to adapt to what the body needs, leading to potentially dangerous results that are far less likely to occur with cord blood.
  • Leads to faster growth rates: Cord blood encourages faster growth rates of new cells than other stem cell sources. That means that not only is it safer, but it is also much more effective at healing the brain and creating new synaptic pathways.


Choosing cord blood treatments over traditionally sourced stem cell treatments leads to superior results with less risk for complications. Cord blood is a natural, safe, and effective choice.

If you or a loved one have suffered a recent stroke event, remember: there is hope after stroke. Request more information on our cord blood ischemic stroke treatment by clicking here.

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